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Rules of Etiquette

By making an appointment with me, you agree to these terms. To make our encounter as enjoyable and safe as possible, please observe the guidelines below.


  1. Please do not discuss my donation at any time during our visit. Like any other professional, my rates are non-negotiable. Kindly have the donation prepared in an envelope or similar container and place it in an obvious location, such as a nightstand or desk, within immediate view, upon your arrival.

  2. It is very important for our mutual health and comfort that you have taken the time and effort to groom and shower prior to our meeting. I will demonstrate the respect to you and will arrive freshly clean and prepared. If you smoke (tobacco or otherwise), I would ask that you do not smoke prior to us meeting and take certain precautions so I cannot reasonably detect tobacco on yourself or your clothes. I find there is no greater turn-off than being in the company of someone who, for lack of better phrase, smells and/or tastes like an ashtray. If you have not had the time to prepare in advance, I am happy to wait while you freshen up; you are also certainly welcome to all my bathroom and shower amenities if visiting me. Naturally, if you are sick or anticipate being unwell at the time of our date, please contact me to reschedule.

  3. I am a non-smoker and non-recreational drug user. Smoking or the usage of drugs, and/or sexual enhancers (unnecessarily or inappropriately) prior to or within the duration of our date is unacceptable. Excessive drinking prior to or during our time together is unwanted; I will end our time together immediately for such behaviors. I will be sober, as should you.

  4. I do not permit that photos be taken of me nor that video of our time together be recorded. Similarly, please refrain from asking for additional photos outside of what I already make available publicly online.

  5. I purposely do not disclose my number publicly for my privacy; if I share my number with you, my expectation is that you will understand its use is strictly business; it is not to be shared with any other individual/entity (including for references; please provide my e-mail address instead) nor to be used for any reason without my explicit permission.

  6. Please arrive on time. There is no benefit in being more than a few minutes early; I will be ready at the official hour of our appointment. If you are late, do keep in mind that our appointment will still conclude at the original time.

  7. As you or I arrive, please refrain from speaking until the door has fully closed. Keep this also in mind when we bid farewells; silence is golden, especially in hallways or around door entrances where voices are prone to carry.

  8. Please be mindful of the clock and our planned time together. I prefer to and attempt to keep our experience as organic as possible, up to its inevitable conclusion. Regardless of how long we've known each other, I do not appreciate being taken advantage of my time; if I appear distracted or begin picking up after myself, it is highly likely our date is drawing to or has since drawn to an end. If you wish to extend our original plans and it is within your immediate means to provide the additional donation, I may be able to accommodate if asked at the beginning of the appointment, but almost never after.

  9. In the occasion you happen to see me while going about our personal day-to-day lives, please kindly refrain from acknowledging or approaching me. I will immediately end all communication at any undesirable contact or any invasion of my privacy. You can expect that l will mutually share that same degree of respect for you outside of our time together.

  10. If you must cancel or reschedule our appointment, please provide advance notice as soon as possible. Excessive cancellations or those made 24-hours or less for substantial dates (i.e. 3-hours or more) may be subject to an inconvenience fee, a requisite deposit for future dates, or my decision to discontinue further meetings.

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