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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I prepare for our time together?


My foremost requisites are that you are respectful and clean; looks and physical shape are unimportant. I bear particular great enthusiasm for gentlemen who are intellectually mature, clean-shaven or well-groomed, practice good hygiene, and possess fresh breath. I welcome clients of any cultural and ethnic background. As with any encounter, our mutual chemistry may vary. My primary clients are generally men, though I am truly pansexual and happily invite interested parties of any gender identity, ladies, or couples upon inquiry. I am delighted to bring a girlfriend upon special request. Please refer to my Rules of Conduct for more specific guidelines in regards to our time together. I do ask you refrain from asking anything explicit until we've had the privilege of meeting, thank you.


I generally prefer clients who are in their forties' and older and who seek an experience rather than come bearing a checklist. I will make occasional exceptions for younger individuals who demonstrate a great level of maturity, conscientiousness, and respectfulness befitting someone with greater life experience. You must be at least of legal adult age in the country we meet; no exceptions. 

I am interested in an appointment, but am new to this and/or do not have references for screening. Do you offer any alternatives?


If you are currently unable to provide references, I welcome you to reconnect when you have had the opportunity to have meet some of my colleagues and/or other providers.

I sent you an e-mail and never heard back. Why didn't you respond?


I do not respond to one-liners, e-mails lacking an introduction/requisite screening details, content crude or explicit in nature, or attempts to negotiate my time or rates. If we have not previously met and you inquire for a same-day or last-minute appointment, I am unavailable and subsequently never respond to such requests. I do respond to e-mails that tell me a little about yourself, provide the necessary screening information, and are altogether indicative of a gentleman. I would advise that you write as you would to any new acquaintance in a professional setting. If your message fulfills all the above and I failed to respond, I sincerely apologize and ask that you please resend to me; I may have accidentally overlooked it.

Do you prefer red or white wine?


I drink very little alcohol in my personal life and minimally during my appointments. I primarily enjoy sparkling water/wine or other effervescent beverages (alcoholic or otherwise) as my refreshment of choice.

Will you accompany me to Greece?


I am an avid traveller, but this is not on my list of destinations.

Why do you hide your face and/or why do you wear wigs in your photos?


These precautions have been taken in regards to my privacy and due necessary discretion. I do not hesitate to say that my face has been described as one of my greatest assets. My hairstyle changes often; if that is important to you, you are welcome to ask for a current description.

Do you enjoy gifts?


Such generosity and thoughtfulness is never expected, but always appreciated!


I wear a size US 7.5-8 in shoes, 34B in brasseries, and am typically a US size X-Small or Small/4-6 depending on the fashion line. Favorite boutiques of mine include: Aldo, Zara, Kate Spade, Nordstrom, PUMA, Converse, Nike, Urban Outfitters, Sephora, MAC, Victoria's Secret, Coach, Anthropologie, and Free People. 


As a foodie, I do adore novelty/local specialty foods, chocolate (sweet over dark, i.e. white/milk), and tea. I also collect fragrances (preferably of the more sensual, masculine, or unisex sort), enjoy skin/hair products, and gladly accept gift cards to Visa/Mastercard, Amazon, local spas, large retailers, or to any of the boutiques described above. I'm also an avid gamer and play mostly on Playstation and Nintendo consoles. 

May I see you off-the-clock? Perhaps for coffee or invite you out to lunch?


I bear great affection for my patrons, but am unable to meet for any time without compensation, regardless of how long we may have known each other. This would include invitations for “just coffee” or “a casual lunch.” As a professional companion with competing commitments, I pride myself as an entertaining, engaging, and attractive personality where my undivided attention and company is a consideration well-worth your investment. I do offer a social hourly rate for friends with whom I have an established relationship and good rapport. Admittedly, one of my greatest peeves is when someone disrespects my time-- be it by lateness or by overstaying one's welcome. Thank you for your understanding.

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