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I am a young American woman of Asian descent whose origins are best described as an innocent sheltered Catholic girl: a genuine "goody two shoes" who naively and unquestioningly followed the rules of a very traditional household. I still fondly bear bittersweet memories of my First Communion and my absolute trepidation as I sat and shivered in the muted darkness of the confessional. It is only recently that I have since discovered my insatiable appetite for intimacy, capacity for great sensuality, and devious delight in playing devil's advocate. Composed, demure, eloquent, adventurous, and well-educated, I am best matched with gentlemen who seek the vitality and vivaciousness of an exotic bright-eyed doll but similarly value the intellect and maturity of a genuine lady. I am particularly enthusiastic about entertaining your personal girlfriend fantasies and providing fulfilling companionship. Certainly, I must confess, that since I have cast my halo, life has grown exponentially more exciting. I hope you will join me on this journey.


NOTE: For my privacy and discretion, my hairstyle is edited in my photos. My current hair is naturally dark brown in a short pixie-cut with minimal highlights.


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